Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Great inspiration

Like many others I have become slightly obsessed with Pinterest, mostly drooling over the food pictures. There are some great new designers to discover on there and below are some of my new favourites.






I think I might go and have another swoon over the pictures on Pinterest.
Bye for now! X

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Trying out blog press

So I am still getting used to my IPad. My old computer decided it had, had enough about a month ago. I am still getting used to touch typing and all the apps but I am having fun. I am writing this from the blogpress app so just wanted to check that it is working ok. The blogger site for some reason is not IPad friendly and doesn't let you write new posts or add pictures.

The junior level office I work in everyday

Steve contemplating about life

I hope to get back into blogging again, my last post was so long ago. So for now I thought I would leave you with two pics, me playing around with my new hipstamatic camera app :)