Wednesday, 9 December 2009

My first commission

Since July 2007 I have been working on a commission with Limeart to design the image on the ward curtains in the new Children's hospital in Manchester. It has been a very exciting project for me, especially as it is my first commission.

The hospital opened in June this year, so quite a few months later I have finally had some free time to go and have a look at them. And it was very exciting!!! I was so happy when I saw my design on the curtains, they are a lovely blue colour and feature various shapes that children can identify with. Also printed on both sides which mean the patients have something to look at when they are in their beds!


  1. congratulations! what a great commission. Hospital curtains are an overlooked but vital element of a ward. The number of times I have sat staring at hideous ones when I have been in with my little ones.... well done, and I hope it is the start of things to come for you!!

  2. How exciting. And what a fab design they are too. It's amazing how long you spend staring at the curtains when you're in hosp, so it's nice to be looking at something that's interesting.

    Luv Dee xxx

  3. hi do you know where i can buy these curtains that are in the royal manchester children's hospital if you do give me a call on 07444219316 or email me on as i really like them its the blue curtains that aisling law made on her first commission