Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Look what the postman bought me...

Today was an exciting day for post. Last week I asked the brilliant Kerry of Pennydog if she could make a custom bangle for me with my screenprinted fabrics inside. I was so happy she said yes and here is the result- I love it. I wore it to work today and have already had people comment about it :). I have also been after some stickers to put on my diary and other notebooks. So this weekend I decided to treat myself and bought some vinyl stickers from Hannah Greenwood (check out her lovely 'Its time for Tea' etsy shop here ) and also Natasha Newton's new Curious She Said etsy shop here . I have already put them on my diary :).

PS. If you like the bangle you see, please contact me or Pennydog if you would like one :)


  1. Kerry (Pennydog) is making me a bangle too, I'm so excited! Yours looks lovely, I can't wait to wear mine to work to see if I get any comments!

  2. Blush blush blush! I love that magpie, I can imagine it laser cut with the ring part actually going on the finger! Someone needs to make that happen, I'd have one!