Monday, 1 March 2010

The Perfect Bangle...

Back in January, Kerry from lovely Pennydog Jewellery used some of my screenprinted fabrics to make a gorgeous bangle for me. I feel very bad as at the time I asked for the some pics in progress to show on my blog and for some reason it completely slipped my mind. So here goes.. better late than never :)

Stage 1.
Cut up pieces to put inside the resin bangle (these are offcuts of my screenprinted fabrics)

Stage 2.
Put on a scary mask, this will help protect your lungs

Stage 3.
Here is the resin, you mix it well with the catalyst and pour into the mould

Stage 4.
Take the resin out of the mould and hey presto you have a bangle! Check for airholes, these can be filled in with a thicker resin.

Stage 5.
Sand the rough edges with medium grade sandpaper until you have a even surface all round. Continue this with finer grades of sandpaper until it becomes clearer.

Stage 6.
Apply a thin coat of lacquer and then polish. And finally when you have the perfect bangle put it on your wrist to add some colour to your outfit :). I love mine and wear it nearly every day!

If you like the piece please get in touch with me or Kerry as we would love to make another one. Hannah of itstimefortea has one of these lovely bangles too! :)

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  1. Intereting post. Thanks for sharing! Xx