Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Latest from Thailand

So I have been in Thailand for nearly four months and I have not been keeping up with blog writing and sadly not been making any new work. Although I have been trying to keep up with other people blogs and to see what is happening in the art world.

At the moment my boyfriend and I are working in a boarding school in the north of Thailand. The scenery is beautiful, lots of waterfalls and great mountain views. I start teaching properly at the end of the month which I am looking forward to. Hopefully I will get settled enough to start making artwork again. Maybe just drawing will have to do for now.

Here are some photos below of our travels so far:

Sunset at the school we are working at

Omelettes in banana leaf

Beautiful bag stall in Chiang Mai market

Our favourite bar in Chiang Mai

Graffiti in Phuket town

Our bungalow on Koh Phayam Island

Sunset on Koh Phayam Island

Rice bear


  1. ha love the rice bear! oooh sunset on an exotic beach, my favourite type of scenery. How long are you planning on staying in Thailand then?
    the leaf omelets look tasty!

  2. we have a 1 year contract at the school so at least till November next year! Exciting!

  3. o your little bungalow is soooo cute!!!