Monday, 11 July 2011

Living in the beautiful countryside

For the past nine months or so my boyfriend and I have been living in a boarding school in a remote part of the north of Thailand. It has been a real eye opener for both of us and a really different experience from what we are used to in England. The school has about 800 students, all are from poor backgrounds. The school is one of many that were set up to help under privileged children.
It has been fantastic to help them with their education. Living in the school grounds also means we are involved with lots of different activities and see them all the time.
I must admit I was very apprehensive when we first arrived as we had no idea how remote it was. I don't think I would have been able to do it by myself and it has been great having my boyfriend here as well.

Below are a few photos of the view from our balcony. Sometimes I love to stand out there in the evenings ( mostly because it is much cooler than the flat ).

I want to take more photos of the school to show everyone and will make it one of my tasks this week.

Bye for now!

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