Sunday, 7 August 2011

Active weekend

So I was making tea last night and suddenly spotted one of our students out of the window. He was standing at the top of this tree, (this tree is about 30ft so he was pretty high up). He is only holding on with one hand and trying to drop fruit onto the ground with a stick. I can't believe a. The students are allowed to do this and b. That they are not scared!

At any time of the day here you will find students working in the fields, cleaning and hanging around at the top of trees. I have been woken up many mornings at 5am by students sweeping the ground outside the flat. They are so active and spent most of their time outdoors- they must do 14hr days everyday. Although in every classroom you will find at least one student asleep in lessons.

My weekend on the other hand was not very active. On Saturday we rode to the shop and that was about it. I spent most of the weekend, relaxing outside, reading and eating.

So it's the start of another week... Have a great one!


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